Professional Wrestling Alliance is one of the top Australian Wrestling Companies in the Country. Established in 2004 in Melbourne, Victoria by Australian Wrestling Veteran, Henry ‘Lobo’ Jones, PWA has moved and expanded with shows spanning the country between Queensland and South Australia.

With it’s home Company based out of Sydney, NSW, PWA is helping lead the way for Australian Pro Wrestling with many of its wrestlers also making names for themselves overseas.

PWA also makes exclusive headway in Australia by also running the only all female Pro Wrestling Company in the Country, PWWA. With only the top female wrestlers throughout Australia picked to compete for PWWA, the women of the company are hard working, hard hitting and strive to set the standard for every female wrestler Australia has.

PWA also has an exclusive agreement with NWA-Pro, which is another of the top Pro Wrestling Companies in Australia. Based out of Adelaide, SA, NWA-Pro is helping PWA lead the way in making Aussie Wrestling what it is today.

PWA is headed by the Eagles family which include International star Madison Eagles, Top Australian Wrestler Ryan Eagles and up and coming wrestler Robbie Eagles. It is also home to Sean O’Shea and Bluey Bonza, both of which are two of the top wrestlers Australia has to offer, and who have extended their knowledge and skill by training overseas with Lance Storm in Canada, and Booker T in the USA. Also within the PWWA ranks, Jessie McKay and Kellie Skater are working hard to make their names within the USA Wrestling scene.